Are you ready to make a commitment to KCSR?

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to put in the time to attend training and maintain proficiencies? KCSR is not a hobby. As a volunteer, you are looked upon as a “non-paid professional”, and expected to perform proficiently and competently based on your training and abilities.
  •  Am I willing to be a team player? As a KCSR team member, never assign blame; learn from mistakes; seek improvements. Each member of your team depends upon one another. Remember, there is no “I” in team.
  • Can I follow orders given through the command structure? It is important to learn the command structure and be prepared to respon appropriately when asked to complete a task.
  • Can I afford it? Yes, there is a cost. Besides your time, you will be financing your training and operational “out-of-pocket” expenses. You will purchase and maintain your personal outdoor clothing, equipment and supplies. eg:  KCSAR 24 Hour Pack Requirements
  • Will my commitment diminish when “call-outs” are far and few between? Search & Rescue call-outs come in waves. Some years thereare very few and sometimes it seems one call comes after another and the teams get spread pretty thin. A tolerance of this phenomenon is vital to your commitment.
  •  Can I be honest about my abilities? You must recognize your own capabilities, limitations, and weaknesses and be willing to communicate them to fellow KCSR workers. Always be willing to learn, improve, attend trainings, and complete the yearly qualifications for your team.
  • How willing am I to participate at an active level in KCSR? Attend meetings. Be part of discussions, giving input and asking questions. Volunteer to help with training, summer camp, treats for meetings, or help out in administrative areas. Or do you just want to attend a few meetings or just be available for call-outs? Remember, part of being fully prepared to support KCSR’s mission involves being an active, participating member of the organization.